Erotica and FacelessVoice

Our Mission Statement

To provide a destination website that is tastefully and thoughtfully tailored to individuals and their unique and intimate sensual desires and needs in an un-exploitive manner. Through this means support and provide a platform for the global community of contributors.

FacelessVoice Productions publishes Romantic and Erotic fiction in audio format featuring original shorts and ongoing serials. We believe that everyone's intimate and sensual desires are not only unique, but also private. We also realize that what some people may find to be sexy and seductive, others may not, and because of that we offer a variety of stories from a variety of authors. Our authors share everything from the sweet to the sizzling, and some of our stories push the boundaries of the listener's imagination.

Our website is broken down into three categories. The content of each section gets sexually more explicit as you go from GoodGirl to BadGirl to NaughtyGirl. All sections will contain similar sub genres of Romantic and Erotic fiction, only different levels of sexual explicitness.

FacelessVoice also believes in the lost art of storytelling, and that some stories are just better told out loud. In the same way a great book lets the reader imagine what the characters look like based on their own interpretation of the writing, a great voice can lend the same unique, personal and intimate experience to a story.

We also realize that not everyone favours a man's storytelling over a woman's. That is why FacelessVoice has brought the distinct and unique voices of Duane Dale and Lucy Blue as our Featured Narrators at launch. FacelessVoice Productions will be the first in the audio publishing industry to offer every story we produce in both a male and female voice. To learn more about Duane and Lucy click on the link to their bios.

FacelessVoice Productions will continue to seek authors and narrators that compliment what we do well. Visit our Speak to Us page for submission, audition, and contest details.

You might ask yourself, "Why all the mystery?"
Because when you close your eyes...™ I'm whoever you want me to be.