Faceless Voice Talent

Duane Dale™

Duane Dale™ brings his distinct and unique timber to FacelessVoice after searching his soul to find his ultimate calling. Duane's pursuit of becoming a voice actor came in an unexpected and clandestine manner. Since childhood Duane had a severe stutter that mysteriously left him in March 2004. Shortly after losing his speech impediment Duane decided to pursue what he felt was his Destiny: to become a voice actor.

Duane is also an aspiring author, writing is his passion. He has finished his first novel in a series of four stories all told. The first novel is titled, Time, the First Book in the Destiny Series™. The other books in his planned series are: Chaos, Chance and Inheritance.

He writes in the category Literary Fiction. As an aspiring writer, Duane understands the challenges of getting published through traditional means and having people enjoy an authors story telling. Because he truly wants his story to be heard, FacelessVoice plans to produce the audio version of his first novel and release it on this website.

Lucy Blue™

Lucy Blue's™ sexy and sultry storytelling joins FacelessVoice after an extensive search for just the right voice, personality, professionalism and narrative abilities.

Lucy is living her dream as a professional Singer and Voice Over Talent. After years of working a 9-5 job and singing in a band on the weekends she realized her passion for Voice Work. She has been working steadily, since leaving her full time job doing Commercials, Industrials & Web work. Lucy can still be found singing at local venues every week in her home town but has found a New love in storytelling. She loves adding her own 'special spice' to every story and she is thrilled to be a part of FacelessVoice!

Lucy feels incredibly lucky and blessed to get to live her dream, make a living from it and have people appreciate her talents.

Here at FacelessVoice she reminds us of a line from a song....'why don't you stay behind', and then we sing 'Lucy Blue'...and then they sing...'why don't you stop and look at what's goin' down...'