FacelessVoice Submissions

Please send all submissions to submissions@facelessvoice.com

FacelessVoice welcomes published and unpublished authors alike. We recognize how daunting it can be as an aspiring writer to get your work published through traditional formats. We also believe that you don't need to be a previously published author to be a great writer.

FacelessVoice is open to submissions for original Romantic and Erotic shorts and on going Romantic and Erotic serials between 2500 to 4000 words in a variety of genres with varying degrees of sexual explicitness. Our stories are produced with aural stimulation in mind. If you are submitting a serial please include the first two chapters (5000 to 8000 words) and short synopsis.

We are also looking to produce our first full length novel shortly after launch, so if you are an aspiring novelist please submit the first 10 pages and a one page synopsis of your manuscript.

Our stories are broken down into three categories. In order for authors to gauge their stories to the suitable category we ask that you let us know if you are submitting a GoodGirl, BadGirl or NaughtyGirl story. The content of each section gets sexually more explicit as you go from GoodGirl to BadGirl to NaughtyGirl. All sections will contain similar sub genres of Romantic and Erotic fiction, only different levels of sexual explicitness. If you're not sure which category best describes your work give us a listen and you'll know which category best suits your work.

Examples of Accepted Genres: Contemporary, Historical, Futuristic, Paranormal, BDSM, Fetish, Loving Couples, Voyeurism and Exhibition, Lesbian, Erotica Horror, Group Sex, Capture Sex.

So here's the deal, while FacelessVoice Productions realizes that everyone's intimate and sensual desires are not only unique, but also private, there are certain things we will not consider producing.
Absolutely No: Paedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia, or Incest


When submitting, please include your name (the one on your drivers license), pen name, and email address. Do not worry too much about the explicitness level, but do tell us what genre the story falls into. For now, please write in third person.

If you are a previously published author, E-Publisher, or Traditional Publisher and are interested in having FacelessVoice Productions produce your next audio book please contact us at corp@facelessvoice.com for details.


FacelessVoice Productions is a royalty paying company and as such we do not forward advances. We pay our authors 50% of the cover price and 25% of the cover price goes to the narrator.